📱🌦 Flutter application to display PWS (Personal Weather Station) data

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The problem

The problem arises from the need of some users for a convenient solution to monitor a PWS (Personal Weather Station).

The solution

I thought that a practical solution for monitoring the information generated by the weather station could be an application for smartphones (possibly also equipped with widgets).
So doing some research on Google Play I noticed that the existing apps are very old and often not compatible with the latest versions of Android.
So I decided to develop a Flutter application that meets the needs of users.

Why flutter?

I decided to use Flutter as development framework because I thought that the application would be quite simple and, without requiring third-party libraries, the native Flutter framework would be enough for all the required features.
Also, the fact that Flutter allows cross-platform development allows you to look at a possible landing of the app on Apple devices.
The only flaw of this choice is the fact that it will not be possible to develop widgets for android with flutter but it will be necessary to use native Java code.

Getting started

Before starting check out this page to see how to connect your PWS to PWS Watcher.

Add and monitor your PWS

Add Android Widget


All the icons I used in the app are downloaded from FlatIcon.
The authors of the icons are: