Giorgio Bertolotti Co-Founder at GreenMod &
Freelance Developer

About me

Hey there! 👋

My name is Giorgio, and I'm co-founder of GreenMod.
I'm very into building automation (💚) software development and productivity in general.

In my spare time I like to code, play some Padel and hangout with friends!
Also, don't challenge me to table tennis or you will be destroyed 😈

Thanks for your time and I hope you can find something interesting here!



IoT gateway for building automation, built with Rust

2021 Hackathon project app

React-Native application made in 48h for the Download Hackathon 2021

2020 Hackathon project app

Flutter application made in 48h for the Download Hackathon 2020

PWSWatcher mobile app

Flutter application for Personal Weather Station monitoring

Project Time Tracking app

Flutter application for tracking project time



Freelance Frontend Developer

Customerly will save the world from sh*t chatbots! 💩
Joking aside, it is a super inspiring, cohesive and welcoming reality where I feel I can learn so much.
I am currently in charge of the backoffice frontend from which Customerly customers can take their customer service to another level.


Freelance Frontend Developer

Together with the SuperUrbanity team, I worked on the development and grounding of the MVP of the ForImpact product: a tool designed for municipalities and companies to track and communicate actions taken aimed at sustainability.

Boffi Informatica

Freelance Software Developer

I am supporting Paolo Boffi with the development and maintenance of legacy C# software for his clients.


Co-Founder and CTO

Co-founder and CTO of the company, I am in charge of managing product development. Our mission is to make home automation and automation accessible to everyone 💚

Fatture in Cloud

Mobile developer

I worked with the React Native framework on the development and growth of the Cloud Dependents mobile application.
The main challenges I faced were: developing important new features, refactoring from class components to functional components, updating all the libraries used, and developing a Design System shared with the Invoices in Cloud mobile application.

Aretés S.r.l.

Software developer

I worked in Aretés S.r.l. for 2 years, where my main projects were related to the development of monitoring software in the security field.
I developed embedded systems for remote monitoring of fire and intrusion control panels.


University of Milan - Bicocca

October 2017 - October 2020

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science

During my studies at the University of Milan - Bicocca I am improving my learning method and I am extending my field of interest towards computer science. Some of the courses I have followed are: Computer Graphics, Image Processing, Mobile Development, Databases.

ITIS G.Marconi

September 2012 - July 2017

Computer expert

During my studies at ITIS G.Marconi I learned the basics of computer science, cultivating my passion for programming. During the 5 years I had the opportunity to take two internships: the first was in Aretés S.r.l. and the other one was in Brain System S.r.l.

Graduation vote: 85/100


Download Innovation Hackathon 2021

September 2021

Best implementation award

During the 48h hackathon we developed a mobile application that allows the user to consult the COVID-19 regulations and to plan trips to keep up with the situation.

Download Innovation Hackathon 2020

September 2020

Best implementation award

During the 48h hackathon we developed a mobile application that allows the users to find working groups and to search members for completing tasks.

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