Giorgio Bertolotti

Software Developer & CS Student

About me

I'm Giorgio, born in '98 in Bergamo (IT), always been passioned in video games and computers.
I love coding, traveling and hanging out with friends, my hobbies are playing basketball and airsoft.
I'm very interested in mobile development and the IoT world.
Thanks for your time and I hope you find this portfolio interesting!


Aretés S.r.l.

Software developer

I have been working at Aretés S.r.l. for 1 and a half years, my main tasks are to develop custom software (and hardware) for customers, including major companies that deal with security.

Brain System S.r.l.

Web developer Internship

During my internship at Brain System S.r.l. I developed a web management system for the products of a warehouse. The back-end was based on the ASP.NET MVC framework, while for the front-end I used the OpenUI5 framework from SAP.


University of Milan - Bicocca

Since October 2017

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

I decided to attend university for a matter of expanding my IT skills. During my studies at the University of Milan - Bicocca I am improving my learning method and I am extending my field of interest towards computer science.

ITIS G.Marconi

September 2012 - July 2017

Computer expert

During my studies at ITIS G.Marconi I learned the basics of computer science, cultivating my passion for programming. During the 5 years I had the opportunity to take two internships: the first was in Aretés S.r.l. and the other one was in Brain System S.r.l.

Graduation vote: 85/100


Tado API Library Java

Java wrapper library for Tado API

PWSWatcher android app

Android application for Personal Weather Station monitoring

Autom8 Home automation Raspberry PI

Home automation project with Android App and Raspberry PI

Little Man Computer (LMC) Simulator
LMC Simulator

Little Man Computer simulator written in CommonLisp and Prolog

Autom8 Home automation

Android application for custom home automation.
This project is not open source.

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