Java wrapper library for Tado APIs

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The problem

The problem that gives origin to this project is the fact that the Tado's API are very poorly documented () and while I was trying to integrate the control of my Tado into my home automation application I wished someone had already developed a library to allow interfacing with the thermostat.

The solution

Unfortunately, no one had yet developed Java libraries to control Tado, so when I had a little more free time I decided to write this library for myself and anyone else who might have the same need as me.

Getting started

To use TadoJava you will need:


You can download the latest release of TadoJava here.
After downloading the .jar file, you can include it in your Java project.


You can find the javadocs here.


The Example folder contains an eclipse project with an example on how to use the library.
In order to start using TadoJava you can declare a TadoConnector object as follows:

TadoConnector connector = new TadoConnector("your@email.com", "Password123!");
//TadoConnector connector = new TadoConnector("your@email.com", "Password123!", "clientSecret");

The TadoConnector object will take care of performing HTTP request to Tado’s API, it will also manage the bearer token in all the requests.
The very first thing you want to do after declaring your connector is initializing it. This call will perform the requests to retrieve the clientSecret key and the bearer token.


Now you’re ready to go!


To build this project I followed this guide, which perfectly describes Tado’s API. So I’d like to thanks Terence Eden for his work!